Our travels continue and an update is well overdue! Since Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin, we’ve seen a lot of places, eaten many fabulous dishes and met some interesting people. This is where we’ve been…
We loved Ghent! it’s a pretty, vibrant town with a fabulous feel to it created by stunning old Belgium houses. There are Belgium fries and waffles…what more could you want! we’d better not forget the local Ghent noses…they can become quite addictive!
Ghent by night
Cuberdon seller in Ghent
Belgium Waffle
A few days in Brugge followed. The days were overcast and being a weekend it was incredibly busy. Most of the people live on the edges of the town leaving the centre to tourists. It is certainly geared for this invasion with chocolate shop after chocolate shop lining the streets. Pretty as it is, it didn’t capture our hearts!
Chocolates in brugge
Rotterdam was one city I probably would have not chosen to go to but as I was there for a travel blogging conference, we came with open minds! We loved it!! It is a fun city with great restaurants and bars and a feel all of its own. Rotterdam was all but completely destroyed in the war but it is now a very modern city where the architecture is worth a tour in itself!
Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam
Cube houses in Rotterdam
Bridge at night in Rotterdam
We even managed a day trip to see the windmills at Kinderjik.
windmills at Kinderdijk
The day we were due to leave for Amsterdam also happened to be the last day that the famous Keukenhof Tulip Farm was open, so we decided to make a stop.
This spring had been very mild in Europe and the tulips were as beautiful as ever. 850,000 people visit the gardens over the two months it is open so for us to see the tulips with out the usual crowds was perfect.
Keukenhof tulips
Keukenhof tulips
What a surprise! I did not have fond memories of a quick trip to Amsterdam 20 years ago but this time the city won me over!
A highlight was a visit to Rijksmuseum which had just opened the week before after a ten year renovation. A tour of the important works in the museum gave us a feel for the collection and we then spent the next few hours slowly seeing floor by floor. The next day we lost our selves amongst Van Gogh’s masterpieces in Van Gogh Museum.
We wandered around the canals, getting lost in the the small streets that join them and ate at fabulous restaurants. I look forward to going back again for a longer stay.
Amsterdam canal
I love amsterdam
Entrance to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Gouda cheese in Amsterdam
From Amsterdam we flew to Rome, one of my favourite cities. It’s always great to be back walking the cobbled streets of this stunning city. We wandered further and further from the city this time, visiting markets and local restaurants that we will definitely return to again.
Trevi Fountain
Afternoon sun on the rooftops of Rome
Washing day in Rome
Did I mention we ate gelato.
Gelato in Rome
Sardinia then beckoned. It was the end of May and summer had not yet made an appearance, something we were hoping for it to do here but it was still hiding! We decided to change our plans from lying on the beach to exploring the villages and foods of the interior. Finding abandoned villages and eating at the local agriturismo were all part of the fun. A quick decision on one of the few sunny days meant that a boat was hired and some of the beaches were finally explored! I still miss the Pane Carasau, the fresh seafood and the suckling pig cooked over coals!
Beach in Sardinia
Dinner cooking on the grill in Sardinia
Fishing boat
Pane Carasau
Pasta with clams and Bottarga in Sardinia
Our first sight of the coast of Montenegro did not disappoint. Both the old towns of Budva and Kotor are surrounded by medieval walls but this is where the similarity ends.
Sveti Stefan in Montenegro
Budva is all about boats, bars and bags…more on this to come!
Budva from City walls
Boats in Budva
Grilled octopus for dinnerin Budva
This UNESCO world heritage listed town sits majestically on the shores of the Bay of Kotor. It’s medieval walls surround the town and climb high into the mountain behind. The  walls are also home to Kotor’s fabulous daily market where home made specialities can be found!
The Bay of Kotor
Alley way in Kotor
Jars of wild strawberries at the Kotor Market
Kotor market
We also had our first cherry strudel here!
Cherry strudel
From Montenegro it was a quick drive to Dubrovnik for the start of 7 weeks exploring the coastal regions of this stunning country…
We’re still here…we may not leave!
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