We’re on the road again….
After a busy month of packing up the house, we’ve started our travels.
We left Perth three weeks ago not knowing when we would return but last week we signed a lease on our house that means we are now homeless and won’t be returning to Perth until Christmas!
The first 6 weeks of our trip had been planned but as the news sinks in that we will be travelling for longer, ideas are still being finalised for the remainder of the year.
It’s not quite the perfect way to start a long holiday…no planning has been done, no long term bookings made but we’re pretty adept at going with the flow….it will be interesting to see where our adventure takes us!
First stop was Paris.
Paris is beautiful at any time of the year but I do love watching the leaves appear on the trees and seeing the blossom come into full bloom. The sunny days may have still had a chill about them but it was perfect walking weather. We ate at some fabulous restaurants, visited the markets and took some long walks.

Paris in the Spring
The beautiful blossom trees infront of Notre Dame

Pont des Arts, Paris
The view from the Pont des Arts

Viaduc walk in Paris
Walking along the Viaduc in Paris

Parc de Vincennes in Paris
The beautiful Parc de Vincennes in Paris

Marche d'Aligre, Paris
The Marche d’Aligre in Bastille

Rino Restaurant in Paris
Duck breasts and seared greens at Rino

Copenhagen was our next stop.
Lunch at Noma was the inspiration and we were not disappointed. Noma recently lost its crown as the number one restaurant in the world but in our eyes it was still number one…an amazing meal!
The cold and wet weather did not warm us to the city but thankfully the sun came out as we headed north to Louisiana for a visit to the Sculture Park and then south to spend a few days on the island of Fyn.
The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid

Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen
The simple and stylish interior of Noma Restaurant

Louisiana Sculpture Park, Copenhagen
The stunning view from the grounds of Louisiana Sculpture Park

The view from Falsled Kro, Denmark
This was the view from the steps of our room in Falsled

The marina at Millinge
The marina at the end of the path from the hotel

I didn’t want to leave this part of the world but Berlin called….
Weinberg Park in Berlin
The blossom in the flower in Berlin

Reichstag Dome, Berlin
Inside the Reichstag Dome

The Brandenburg Gate at night
The Brandenburg Gate at night

From Berlin we head to Belgium, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
I wonder where our journey will take us after that!
If you’d like to keep up with our travels, I’ll be posting photos on facebook and instagram so please follow our journey there. There’ll be stories on the blog as well though I can’t promise how often they will appear!