India keeps pulling me back….it is a country that definitely gets under your skin! Even though I love to travel far and wide in India…from the backwaters of Kerala to the tea growing hills of Darjeeling and the village walks from in the Kumaon hills, it is to Rajasthan that I return time and time again.
Udaipur is one of those cities that each I time I visit, I feel I have found another layer but for the first time visitor there are are few places not to be missed.
Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace
This is the view that first draw me to Udaipur….The view of the majestic Lake Palace Hotel sitting in the centre of Lake Pichola surrounded byethe Aravali Mountains. It is definitely an image of a very romantic Udaipur. For a true romantic escape, stay a night and enjoy the stunning views from the balconies that are dotted around the palace.

The Lake Palace Hotel in the centre of Lake Pichola
The Lake Palace Hotel in the centre of Lake Pichola

The view from the Lake Palace Hotel
The view from the Lake Palace Hotel

City Palace
The star attraction of Udaipur….. Since being built in1559 by Maharana Singh, eleven palaces have been added to this magnificent granite and marble building. It’s best to take a tour so they all can be explained to you and you can imagine what life would have been like in the hallowed halls of this amazing place.
Udaipur's City Palace
Udaipur’s City Palace

The Palace of Pearls, the Palace of Glass and the Peacock Garden all conjure images but you have to see for yourself the decorations that give each palace their name.
Udaipur       Udaipur
Don’t miss the rooftop garden with its hanging gardens, fountains and terraces and fabulous view over the city.
The rooftop garden at Udaipur's City Palace
The rooftop garden

The view from the rooftop garden at Udaipur's City Palace
The view from the rooftop garden

Jagdish Temple
Climb the stairs to see the inside the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
Jagdish Temple
Jagdish Temple
Flower sellers at Jagdish Temple

Sunset tour on Lake Pichola
For a different view of the city, a sunset tour will take you from one end of the lake where everyday life takes place on the city’s ghats to the other end where you’ll have a close up view of the Lake Palace Hotel and the Jag Madir Palace.
The ghats on Lake Pichola
The ghats on Lake Pichola

The city streets and markets
Wander away from the lake towards the Old Clock Tower to find the busy Mandi Markets. There’s more photos in this post on Udaipur’s Markets!
Udaipur's Markets
Scenes from Udaipur
Scenes from Udaipur

Don’t forget that the amazing marble temple at Ranekpur is not far from Udaipur. Don’t miss it!
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