Whenever Jordan is mentioned, everyone immediately thinks of Petra but there is more to Jordan than Petra.
Just lately I have had a rush of people asking where they should go in Jordan so here are my suggestions….
More than likely, you will fly into Amman but don’t race off. Stay and explore.
Start at the Citadel where ruins of the ancient capital of Rabbath Ammon lies and the Jordan Archeological Museum.  Zigzag  down the hill  to the ancient Roman Theatre before heading into the alleyways and streets of the market area of the city. You might not get far as the Jordanians are very friendly people. They will stop you to welcome you to their city and thank you for visiting. Don’t leave before you have tried the knafeh at Habiba Sweets!
Amman, Jordan
Forty five minutes from Amman lies the ancient city of Jerash, one of the best Roman ruins I have seen outside of Italy. It’s a site not to be rushed…the walk will take you two or three hours. Excavation only started in 1925 and continues today. The Roman Ruins of Jerash will tell you a lot more about Jordan’s second most popular tourist attraction. 

The Roman Ruins of Jerash
This old historic town, about 30 minutes from Amman, was the administrative capital of Jordan during the time of the Ottomans. It’s a town that has stood still for a long while but be quick, times are changing. Tourism is increasing and there are rumours that Aman Hotels are opening a hotel here. Wander through the streets before heading to Al-Qala’a Lookout where you will be rewarded with stunning views.
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Salt in Jordan
Dana Biosphere
Jordan’s largest nature reserve protects many species of flora and fauna. There are quite  few places to stay but for me Feynan EcoLodge is where I would go. I love the fact that as well as trying to leave no footprints they also help support the local Bedouin tribes. Drivers at Feynan EcoLodge
Wadi Rum
The film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ has certainly been a catalyst for a lot of people to want to see this amazing landscape.  An early morning balloon ride gives you a fabulous perspective. A camel ride into the desert gives another but nothing beats the fun of flying over the dunes in jeeps driven by crazy bedouins!
Wadi Rum, Jordan
The Dead Sea
Everyone who comes to Jordan wants to float in the Dead Sea. For the ultimate experience cover yourself in mud and then float around in the salty water.
Floating in the Dead Sea
Yes, I’ve saved the best for last. It really is as mind blowing as you read! The walk though the Siq to the Treasury is quite long. I kept wondering if that famous glimpse would be just around the corner. Allow a couple of days to see it properly. Choose your days carefully remembering that only on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday can you see Petra by Night. The sight of thousands of candles leading you down the Siq and then lighting up the Treasury building is one I won’t forget in a hurry.
Petra at night
Would you like to go to Jordan?
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