A bar specialising in the wines of Sicily as well as the hams, salamis and cheeses of Italy was always going to be a winner with us.
I Grilli became our local bar in Trapani.
The stone walls created a welcoming atmosphere. Along the side wall, the meats and cheeses were on display whilst at the back of the bar, the open grill was ready to cook to order. Renato, our host, was very knowledgeable on the different cheeses and meats on the menu and his wine suggestions were excellent.
Fabulous cheese – Primosale, Caciocavallo Ragusano DOP and a Piacentino with saffron, all with different marmalades
Speck di Sauris(Udine), Salami with pistachio and Tuscan smoked beef.
Great with drinks or for lunch

Perfect lunch salad.
If you wanted something a bit more substantial, the meals from the grill looked great.
I Grilli
Via Victor Emmanuele
And now for the best pizza in Sicily!
We had not had many pizza nights so this was a hard call but it was certainly one of the best I have had. Calvino Pizze has been an institution in Trapani since 1946.
You can eat in the pizzeria, which is a rabbit warren of different rooms, or take away.
Pizza Rustica with carciofi (artichoke) and mozzarella.
Pizza Misto Calvino, which is half Pizza Trapanesi (Anchovy,tomato, parsely,oregano & mozzarella) and half Pizza Rianata (Anchovy, tomato, pecorino, parsely, oregano& oil)
Before leaving, I popped into the kitchen to see the action.
Pizzas were lined up to for the toppings
The boys were only too willing to stop for a group photo
Pizzas at Calvinos in Trapani
Fires burning ready for the pizzas
Calvino Pizze
Via Nunzio Nasi
A little wine bar near the port in Via Roma served a great passito from Cantine Pellegrino on Pantelleria.
Perfect after pizza.